What’s Make PUBG A Game Full Game of Worth?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale. Game was  developed by a PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole.

To be honest it will be wrong to say that PUBG is one of a kind. Reason behind this is that  there have been a tones of games out there whose concept are  based on this battle royale style. The designer of PUBG, Brendan Greene says that inspiration for creating game is came  from the film Japanese film “Battle Royale”. Many of contentare actually similar to the movie “The Hunger Games”.

PUBG is a like normal game on Steam but with most number of players. And the point  is it is  not at all a normal phenomenon to overtake games like CS:GO(Counter Strike:Global Offensive) and Dota 2 which are top rated games on Steam . But PUBG had made it possible. PUBG is being an exception and made it possible. Plus it had more than 5 million copies sold at the time of writing this. It made a huge success while it was still in it’s early access.

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There will be 100 players along with you. You will get on the plane and you have to be dropped in an island. After parachuting down from the plane, you have to loot things because you will have nothing in your hand. There may be problem if there are people on the corner of the map and they don’t meet. To avoid this situation, after a few minutes a circle will emerge and you have to be inside the circle and  If you are outside the circle, then you will loose your health. This seems to be stupid but it helps in reducing the player. So your main objective is always gain maximum loot and be last man standing. Playing options can be solo,duos and team(4 players in total).


Their weapon style was amazing. You have to  weapon with the most accuracy. For example -you have to loot the suppressor, red dot sight, scopes etc. They don’t come with the gun. This made the game so interesting. Grenades are also available. But this become most interesting when they  provide awesome skin and outfit with little transaction.But trust me its definitely not EA.

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There were lots of hackers in PUBG. This made the game quite like CS:GO (Psssh! CS:GO is full of hackers). There were speed hacks, aim bot and a lot more.

On the other hand there was another problem that is Stream Sniping. It means other players watch the streamer streaming and knowing his location they kill him. Soon, it results in loosing the interest of streamers and other people. They complained to Bluehole about this. Because of its popularity among streamers, Bluehole decided to do something about that. So, in order to eradicate the hackers they decided to use anti-cheat system called BattlEye, which automatically bans someone who attempts to use cheats like aimbots or other hacks, before they’re even able to use them in-game. And ban is permanent which is quite strict punishment.

After BattlEye, the no.of player banned was 6000 players per day. According to recent report data was they have banned 150,000 cheaters which is quite a lot. But there was a huge problem again. Even the people who didn’t cheat got banned because of shooting a streamer and they were banned under stream sniping. Overnight its negative reviews reached its peak. That’s why I would never shoot a streamer. OMG! Wait. How do I know in the middle of the battle if he is a streamer or not?

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This made PUBG to receive lots and lots of negative reviews. So it stepped down from Overwhelmingly positive to Mostly NegativeBut it’s sales didn’t stop. People where buying then too and was I was really shocking moment. It became the game with many negative reviews on steam to be the most played game on steam. After that it’s reviews became Mixed.


They didn’t use any traditional marketing skills. They didn’t have big Titans in the shopping-malls like Titanfall 2 did. Their main strategy was Double dip digital marketing. It means they give the game to lots of streamers for playing on their Twitch and Youtube channel. Since, streamers loved that game a lot, it spread among them and then made the other gamers and viewers buy that. This was the best move that made PUBG this successful.


Gamers are pretty competitive people. We don’t like to lose. We must beat every game and everyone who plays it. It’s a Batman and Joker kind of relationship.Because of its very nature, PUBG has become one of the most competitive games released in recent times. Dropping in with 99 other players, either alone or squadding up with your buddies, emerging victorious is an achievement.

One of the reason for its popularity can be a lot of people playing is the sheer hilarity that can ensue during a round of PUBG. The map is so large, and there are so many players and things to explore, that something funny is almost bound to happen every time you play.

And that’s why everyone  keep going back. Because for all the rage over being sniped from an unknown spot something else will happen that’s a true “WTF” moment that’ll have laughing everyones head off.  If you watch almost any of the big PUBG streamers, they’ll come across similar moments.

And plus it’s the most played brand new title of 2017. There are still more people playing things like League of Legends or Call of Duty, but on Steam, where PUBG is available exclusively on PC, it’s untouchable right now. And millions have jumped into the Xbox One game preview as well.

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