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Bali is considered as one of the most popular destinations in the world. The island is known for there hospitality, as well as for their ancient temples. Exotic temples and also palaces set against stunning natural backdrops are some of the top attractions. After sunset, famous nightlife comes to life offering you the best clubbing experience.

Bali is the province of Indonesia

Bali is also known as the Land of the Gods. Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and its ceremonies, arts, cultures, and also with its luxurious beaches. People enjoy beaches resorts and beaches resorts in any in Kuta, Jimbaran, and Seminyak where there are Bali’s finest hotels and villas. Bali’s beaches are also famous for their surfing sports. In Bali’s farther and lesser-traveled East Bali you’ll some world-class diving spots with calm bays. Therefore, here are the reasons why Bali should be on your bucket list.

1. It’s Visa-Free And Everything Is Cheap There

One thing that always prevents travelers from visiting a destination is a visa. Indonesia is actually friendly to many countries. There are 165 countries having visa-free entry upon arriving in Bali. For those who can’t get enough of Bali, Travellers from a select 67 countries can extend their stay for an additional 30 days for a small fee.

If you’re on a budget than Bali is for you. ‘Everything is cheap there’ these are the reviews of many travelers. First of all the local currency of Bali is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and they actually don’t have tens, the twenties and thirties. And their currency is in ten thousand, lakhs and millions and their 1 Lakh IDR= 480 INR. In Bali, soup bowl at a simple stall will cost you IDR 20,000, a fruit dessert at IDR 30,000, a wall hanging by IDR 30,000 and a Bintang Beer IDR 20,000. A budget AC hotel per night can cost you for IDR 1.35 lakhs pn (₹648). If you’re going for a mid-sized hotel, you’ll have to shell out IDR 3.49 lakhs pn (Rs 1678) and a luxurious room for IDR 1.8 mn pn (Rs 8,908). For transportation, you can go for GRAB which is equivalent to UBER.

2. Handcrafts Of The Gods

Bali is also known as the “island of the artists”

There are millions of gift shops in Bali where you’ll find many things to bring back home. The area is famous for gift shops in Denpasar and Ubud. Balinese signature souvenir has snacks and also beverages. Also, Bali is also famous for its exquisite handcrafted goods like TENUN BALI. You can also find many other things like a Bali rattan bag, silver neckless, handicraft leather bracelet, etc. There are also shopping malls but may tourist prefers to buy accessories from the local market. The Ubud market is one of the coolest and is very widely famous for art.

For Night shopping there is Garlic Lane is the place, a shopping street by day, a night market by night. They also have Tegallalang ‘handicraft village’: the most prestigious handicraft community on the island. Well, Sukowati is famous for its souvenir market where you’ll find overwhelmed choices. Many starred hotels are located near the beaches. And many have their private spots at certain beaches, where you can splurge on exclusive privilege.

3. Incredible Waterfalls

As a nature lover, people always prefer for waterfalls. And if you are one for them then Bali is definitely is for you. Many people have given their reviews that they have witnessed some of the most beautiful waterfalls of their lives here. Many peoples even came to Bali to chase waterfalls. The north has the most untouchable but, a few of them are in the deep jungle. It has the best swimming spot in Banyumala, and if want to try something daring, then you can try cliff jumping from Aling Aling.

Nung Nung Waterfall, Bali

Many times Sekumpul waterfall has been voted as the world’s most beautiful waterfall. But, then there are other waterfalls that make your dream come true, for example, Munduk, NungNung, and Git Git waterfall. If you are one of those who do not like the crowded place then you can go for Ubud, Tibumana waterfall. And if you are fond of trekking then you can go for Tukad Cepung waterfall, which is getting popular. But to reach there you have to trek through the jungle, which is sort of adventurous things.

4. Food

Well, if you are a food lover then Bali is for you. Especially if you are a vegan. There are actually many options for vegans. And all of them are on the top list. I loved the idea of having always something for everyone.

There are many places in Bali which produce their own products. And there are someplace if you eat there you are also contributing to local community support. Bali is actually a win-win situation for you. Balinese food is famous for its blend of spices in fresh veggies, meat, fish. The food is a combination of Chinese and Indian cuisine as the inhabitants are majority Hindu the culinary is district from the rest of Indonesia. Some of the best restaurants in the world can be found in Bali. One of them is award-winning Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud.

One of the reasons why Balinese food is so famous because it is a fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisine.

If you are looking for the pocket-friendly option then there are many food stands. They are an actually small family business, only specified on a single cuisine. Bali is many dishes to choose but, many of them are related to rice. For example: Nasi Campur(mixed rice), Babi Guling(roasted sucking pig),etc. The island is also famous for the world’s most famous and expensive coffee; KOPI LUWAK, made from civets poop.

5. Temples and Religious Traditions

With half of the population is Balinese and other is Hindu, Bali is a religious place. Therefore, religious traditions are very rooted in the people of Bali. Many times you’ll see performing people rituals and dressing up and go to worship places. They also have many ceremonies that are open to tourists.

And also many peoples visited them because of temples. In the North, they have Ulun Danu Beratan temple. It is the floating temple of Bali. And on the other side, they have Beratan Lake. And they also have Uluwatu temple which is located in high clifftop, where you will see Kechak, which is actually Balinese Hindu dance.

Nearby you will see Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi. Tirta Empul is actually one of the largest water temples in Bali. And there are also rumors that it has holy water which is being used for purification rituals. And, Gunung Kawi is one of the oldest temples in Bali.

6. The Islands Around.

Bali is surrounded by very small islands which are actually worth to explore. For example, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Gili islands.

There are rumors that for breathtaking landscapes, you have to go to Nusa Penida which is also famous for Kelingking coastal cliffscape, ‘T-Rex’. Whereas Nusa Lembongan has chill vibes, it is also good for surfing. It is also famous for cliff jump. Nusa Ceningan is the smallest islands that are great to escape from the madness of Bali. Here you can also see ‘ The Bridge of Love’.

Gili Islands are a group of three islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. They are highly popular among drivers, there is an abundance of marine life and attractive coral formations.

7. Now or Never…….

According to data, the number of Austrians going to Bali has risen y almost 546%. And that’s only for Australia just imagine the rest of the country. Bali is becoming tourists attraction day-by-day. And above mentioned reasons are enough to tell you why. If you actually want to experience a slice of paradise, then need to go sooner than later, before it loses some of that charm and is packed full of crowds instead.

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